Archive - November 2000

Torné-Esquius’ influence

As I have already told you in the “about the artist ” section of this website, my starting point or main reference I had was the painter Pere Torné-Esquius (Barcelona 1879-Flavancourt 1936).

In fact, the idea about painting this naïve style came out just after having seen his eleven paintings about childhood
that had decorated a child´s room. They were exhibited in the fine-art gallery Sala Parés in Barcelona at the end of 2006.
I have chosen some of them from the catalog of the exhibition to show them to you.

The catalogue of the gallery Sala Parés provided the Pere Torné-Esquius biograpghy.

Below you can find the original text that had been published in the exhibition catalogue, and then you can find a translated script (Catalan to English translation) which summarizes the painter´s life already detailed in the catalogue of the Sala Parés.

Catalan to English translation of Pere Torné-Esquius biography summary:

  • Painter and draftsman of the XIXth and XXth Century. (Barcelona 1879-Flavancourt 1936).
  • He studied at the Escola de Belles Arts de Barcelona and he spent some time in Madrid, too.
  • Although his art education was according the classicism standards, he was soon interested in the new painting styles emerging and for this reason he moved to Paris in 1905.
  • The artist soon felt comfortable in the elegant and cosmopolitan Paris atmosphere, and this was reflected not only in his genre paintings but also in his city landscapes ones.
  • Although his favourite places or settings were in France, he never avoided extended stays in Barcelona.
  • His personal painting style and also his many illustrations in magazines and weekly publications were highly appreciated in the French capital.
  • Although being a highly appreciated painter in Barcelona, his works are not included in many of the city collections. However, he is represented in Barcelona in the MNAC collection.