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Bon Estiu i Feliç Revetlla

Have a nice Saint John´s night!

Wir wünschen euch a wunderbar Mittsommernacht!

Buona notte di Saint Giovanni!

Feliç Sant Jordi | Happy World Book Day

Sant Jordi and the good dragon II.

Dreaming about a world with more good than bad, with more cooperation than fight, in the image we can find the version of a good dragon that likes reading and telling stories instead of fighting. Have a nice culture and love day! Have a nice Sant Jordi´s day!

Happy Easter | Bona Pasqua!

Feliços Reis Mags

Felices Reyes Magos

The 3 Wise Men

Heilige Drei Könige

Bona Castanyada

Bon estiu i bon Sant Joan!