About the artist

Maria Fatjó Parés (Barcelona, 1976)

I hold a Bachelor Degree in Communication Sciences (Advertising and Public Relations) from the Universitat Ramon Llull. However, as a painter I am an artist with no formal training. In other words, I am self-taught painter. As mostly naïve painters, I am always learning while I go on painting my own work. To introduce you better to my painting let me tell you that I work oil painting on canvas.

My starting point or main reference I had was the painter Pere Torné-Esquius (Barcelona 1879 – Flavancourt 1936). I am referring specially to his eleven paintings about childhood world that had decorated a child’s room. These eleven paintings were exhibited in a fine-art gallery in Barcelona (Sala Parés) from end of 2006 to the beginning of 2007.

When I saw those paintings they caught my attention in a special way because of being particularly dedicated to children and childhood. What I liked the most of this sort of painting was that child and adult could gather to observe it enjoyably.

Since I saw those paintings I have been working to develop my own style with the following purpose: to include children and adults as art observers of the same painting style. I try to get a kind of art that can be equally attractive to both child and adult. I would like to achieve an art for all.

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